Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services

Database & Information

Selective dissemination of information pertaining to technology are provided.

Continuing Education

SJCE-STEP is at the forefront, in the area of providing continuing education.

Quality Assurance support

SJCE-STEP helps industries in this region by offering them facilities of testing.

Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development programmes for fresh graduates and professionals.

Product & Prototype Development

This cell caters in the area of design & development of products.

PC Servicing

This cell caters to the need of institution/Organisations through AMCs & on-call basis facilities.

Skill Development Programmes

In today's world where technology is changing rapidly, we offer programmes to update skills.

Escort Services

Industries,banks,hospitals and Vendors are offered package services of escorting towards them.

Buisness/Industry Facilitation

Prospective entrepreneurs and investors establishing their enterprises at mysore are offered buisness centre.