Technical Business Incubation

Technical Business Incubation

We have established a Technology Business Incubator (TBI) in the year 2000 under the 'Software Entrepreneurs and Employees Development (SEED) Project'.The TBI offers Incubation space for start ups in the Information Communications Technology sector. It has,

1.8 Units of 500 Sq.ft. which is suitable for young start-ups,
2.4 units of 1200 Sq.ft which is suitable for rapid growth start-ups,
3.1 unit of 4500 Sq.ft for a mature start-ups

The TBI has common shared facilities like Seminar Hall, Meeting Rooms, Dining area, Video Conferencing facility and a Guest House. It also has Software Development Competency Centre (SDCC), which is equipped with IBM Rational Suites of tools and other Software that can be utilised by the incubatees. A Design Development Centre (DDC) for Embedded Systems has also been established by the support of Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, which is equipped with tools and equipment required for the Product Development.

Seed Fund

We were awarded Rs. 1.00 Crore by Technology Development Board (TDB) as the "Seed Fund" to assist the Incubatees of the TBI. The start ups under incubation are eligible to apply for the seed support upto Rs. 25.00 Lakhs for product development, testing, marketing and for acquiring patents etc.